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Director | Choreographer

Always the Bollywood enthusiast since a very young age, Kavita’s dream has been to share her love and knowledge of Bollywood dance with others. This motivated her to set up ANLD to provide affordable classes to anyone who was interested to explore the creativity of the dance form. Kavita’s favourite dance styles are semi-classical Bollywood, ‘Bollypop’ (Pop/Commercial Bollywood dance) and Bhangra. 


Kavita teaches all age groups and levels and is also one of the leading choreographers for the Troupe. She particularly specialises in the commercial side of ANLD, focusing on wedding choreography and one-to-one dance classes. 



Ever the dancer, Aarthi started learning Bharatanatyam since the age of 9 and her love for the genre led her to joining ANLD in 2015. Since her classical training years Aarthi has pursued other dance interests and joined ANLD to share her love for these different genres.  Her favourite choreography to date is Mere Dholna which was performed by the Troupe in ANLD's last showcase, Nritya.


Aarthi teaches the Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate groups and is also one of the Troupe’s lead choreographers. Her dance specialisms include Bharathanatyam, Contemporary and Hip-Hop. She enjoys experimenting with fusion choreography ideas such as mixing Street and Classical styles. 




Better known as the ‘Expressions Queen,’ Rohini’s love for Bollywood started from a very young age, emulating the styles of dancers and actresses such as Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi. She developed her own unique style of dance through experimenting with her facial expressions and gestures. She began her more formal dancing journey with ANLD in 2014. 

Rohini teaches the children's and adults' classes in Walsall and Dudley. She specialises in classic, ‘filmy’ Bollywood choreographies and especially enjoys a Masala Bollywood routine. 



Roshni’s love for dance came from her sisters, who all enjoyed dance as she was growing up. Her interest peaked when she found her own style within the Bollywood genre. Roshni’s style is clean and precise, with her particular focus being on teaching her students clarity in their movements. 


Roshni started teaching ANLD classes in 2017. She teaches the Junior class as well as choreographing for the Troupe. Her specialism lies in ‘Bollypop’ (Pop/Commercial Bollywood dance) with a keen interest in fusing modern moves with Bollywood styles.  




Nazia has recently started her teaching journey with ANLD. She taught the Beginners class a variation of styles last year in preparation for ANLD's Bollywood showcase. 

She finds her strength as a teacher is in pushing her students continually, and ensuring that they are always challenged at every level. 


Nazia’s specialism is in Modern and Contemporary Bollywood choreography, that focuses on mixing the Western and Eastern styles.



From a young dancer to a professional one, Shivani is a self-taught dancer who has been dancing since a very young age. Also, a true 90’s dancer, Shivani‘s dance idol is Madhuri Dixit and has learnt her style of expressive dancing and telling a story through expression. 


Prior to ANLD, Shivani taught Bollywood classes at a secondary school, as well as following her passion by joining the professional troupe at a different company where she performed at different events and shows. After graduating from University, Shivani joined Aaja Nachle where she teaches the Beginners class. She specialises in Bollywood fusion and Bhangra with a focus on high energy pieces.

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